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 Nameless :)

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PostSubject: Nameless :)   Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:26 am

Okay I've had a lot of time to myself and this happened... Lol it's better than the last I think, what do you guys think?


I brushed back the very boring brown hair that was, again, in my face. I remained curled up in the corner of my room. And when I say room, I mean cell. No, I'm not a prisoner or convict or anything. I just prefer cell over cage. Calm down, I will probably not bite. Can't promise though... Just back off, I'm telling a story. Anyways... 

I could barely feel the cold steel pressing against my exposed back. Numb. That was my only thought. I laughed humorlessly. The sharp edge of my voice matched with my killer glare was enough to make the interns melt. Well, usually they only pissed in their trousers and ran off but hey, doesnt hurt to hope one will melt. Unfortunately, the big dogs were not bothered by me. They had created me. Subject A13O13, section A+, block 2. I am the product of millions of failed combinations and one successful after 20 years of suffering. 500 scientists, billions of dollars, all for what? Me. Human life made in a lab. What's so special about me? That's probably what you're thinking. Woohoo just another freaky lab test, right? Wrong. I have only the best DNA and on top of that, every single bit is modified. Apparently I'm very dangerous and very, very important. You'd think that something this important would get a name, right? Wrong again. I am nameless. A13O13 is what the scientists and the little interns refer to me as. The other lab rats that I've been able to socialize with just call me she-wolf. Yeah, as you can tell everyone there loves me so much. 

"A13O13, come on. It's time for your tests." the intern mumbled as he opened the door. He was shaking, poor thing. It's not like he was the one stuffed in a little kennel meant for animals about to go get needles stuck in him. I growled and slipped out, landing next to him on the concrete floor. I stood up and grabbed his arm. 
"you're new, aren't you? Haha well c'mon fresh meat, let's go on a date." I smirked at him and his scared reaction to every move I made. I snatched his short red curls in my other hand and brought his face close to mine. 
"I'm getting out and you're gonna help me. Think you can pretend to be dying long enough or do you need help?" I tipped my head to the side, still watching him with my blazing gray eyes.
"but... Your tests..." he managed to squeak. I just rolled my eyes and threw him across the room. He was lighter than the last one and went further.
"oops." I waved at him and ran. Guard post... Blocked window... Mutated dogs... I could run faster than any dog they had and could easily sneak around the guards. All I needed was a window that hadn't been blocked. Luckily I saw one in the office of the alpha himself. Dr. Roland Stankard, the asshole that started all this. The mad man with a dream to turn me into a weapon. I still had to cross the hall to get to his thick wooden door. The hall with motion sensors, poison darts, floor tiles that set off alarms, and a guard rabbit. Cute bunny, very sharp teeth. Piece of cake. Within a couple seconds I was jumping over his desk, accidentally scattering all his pens, and breaking a window. I pulled myself through the opening I had made and ran. 

"Oi! Get her!" I heard in the background but they were too late. You see their 'tests' are really just them checking on me then injecting chemicals to control me. Pretty much they were just making sure I stayed in sleep mode and couldn't reach my full potential. Miss one dose, there's no going back. In exactly five minutes and 23 seconds from the moment I made it out the window I would overcome whatever remained from the last dose. I never expected what would happen though.


I don't know if you've ever been on your own in some random town surrounded by desert, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you it's a little scary. Especially if you've lived your whole life in a lab.

"watch it kid or you'll be roadkill in no time!" a grumpy old man shouted to me from his moving thingy. At the time I had no idea what these fast things were other than some strange transportation... Things... But there were many and they were all on the large strip that ran through town with many others branching off. I had followed this strip of manmade land from the lab to here. Unfortunately I didn't have the power of intimidation here so i was more like a lost puppy than she-wolf, able to kill with one look. I huffed at him and turned away from the strip just to smack into someone. 

"ah! Oh I'm sorry..." she reached her arm out towards me to help me up. I tilted my head and cautiously took her hand and let her pull me up. She looked a little bit older than me.

"You're bleeding. Come on I'm taking you to the doctors." she started tugging me around as she still had my hand. 

"Wait! You're taking me where? I don't even know you!" I tore myself from her grip and looked around.
"I'm so lost..." I mumbled and backed up against a wall, still watching her.

"Hey, calm down. I'm just trying to help." she stepped towards me. I started to move to the side but she grabbed my shoulder to stop me. She was looking into my eyes, almost as if she could see my thoughts behind them. Blue. Her eyes. I had never seen eyes that blue. It had a calming effect almost. Beautiful dark blue, like the ocean I had heard other lab rats talking about.

"Hey!" I snapped out of it. She had been talking to me and I hadnt noticed. Wow. Wait... I was in a different place. I scanned the white walls, the ugly patterned chairs, the front desk, the man behind it, the strangers scattered among the room.

"Miss?" I jumped at the voice that rose over the others and looked at the lady by the door. 
"Come on." the girl from outside dragged me towards the door and the other woman. My heightened senses picked up the smell of the sterile environment. That's when I started to panic. Not another lab.
"No no no!" I locked up so I wasn't walking with her. That wasn't a great idea because as soon as I stopped walking she tugged my arm harder and I ended up on the ground. 
"get off your face, they are checking your cut." I stood up and followed her. Why was I following her? I could have easily gotten away. Why was she even dragging me? I ran into her, I don't know if that should mean we were friends or anything. I had never had a friend... Back to reality again when I felt a hand on me.
"Oi!" I nearly smacked the man in front of me that was touching my side. 
"Calm down, I'm almost done." he said with a kind smile. He looked like a scientist. Only difference is this man didn't have that evil look. I tolerated it as he covered the cut that I hadn't noticed I had gotten when I climbed out the window. You would think that with my modified body I would have heightened sensitivity but adrenaline made sure I didn't feel it.

"How much do you eat? You are underweight by about 20 pounds." I heard the kind scientist ask.
"umm I don't know honestly... Not much..." I looked at my new 'friend' and answered more questions.
"How old are you?" he said as he stood up, throwing things away as he moved across the room.
"13 years, 2 months, 8 days, 16 hours, and 17 minutes." I replied boredly. I almost smiled seeing his reaction to what I had said. Super DNA means I'm smart. Only problem is I overthink usually. Not too bad though, at least I can think. Back at the lab I had seen more than I ever wanted to of their failed experiments. Zombie-like children, completely brain dead. They created hundreds of people just like me and tried to raise them as almost normal kids till they were needed as weapons. You know, normal other than the fact we spent most of our time in a small cage and we had no names. Anyways they started getting a little creative by trying to add animal DNA and such and those projects usually ended in disaster. The best result they usually ever got was their brainless kids, also known as 'X tests' meaning they only used them to test chemicals. Once one choked, they just got another. True lab rats. Of course there were a few that had come close to my success level and were put in section A+ with me. We all learned from each other as some had been normal before being brought in and modified. Lucky them. 

"Come on, I'm taking you to get a burger or something." I followed my 'friend' outside as she led me to some food place.
"Wait." I said and grabbed her arm. She turned towards me, giving me a sort of 'hurry up and spit it out' look.
"What's your name?" it was really killing me, not knowing. I needed something so I wasn't being dragged around by a complete stranger.
"I was wondering when you would ask. Come inside and I'll tell you about me." she took my hand in hers and we went inside. It was a nice little diner. Well, the nicest I had ever seen. I hadn't ever seen one before this so it was actually kind of awesome. A lady led us to a table and I sat down on the chair across from the girl. 

"two waters please." she said to the waitress before looking back to me. 
"Emma. My name is Emma Lynn Moss, you can call me Blue." I smiled at this. Her nickname was probably from her eyes.
"And your name is?" that got me.
"Errrrr... I don't have one..." I looked at the menu in front of me.
"That's stupid, of course you have a name. Well I'm gonna call you... Umm... Nameless. That's what you get when you don't cooperate." she laughed a little and nudged my foot with hers before she started scanning for what she wanted to eat. 

"So umm... So Blue, how old are you?" I glanced up at her as I pushed a large chunk of ice around in my drink the waitress had just set in front of me.
"17 years old. Sorry I don't know the minutes." she looked at me and giggled. I smiled and blushed a little. Wait a second... Stop it! I thought. This is so weird already and now I'm blushing? Not good. I must be sick. I was starting to go through anything I could have caught in my head when she poked my arm and brought me back from my own little world.
"What are you gonna eat?" I stared blankly at her for a second before I realized what was going on. 
"Oh umm... Oh oh that looks good the umm the bacon burger thing in that picture there." I pointed and looked up at her.
"Okay, we'll take two of those... Regular fries... No that's it. Thank you!" Blue smiled at the waitress then at me as the waitress took the menus and walked away. Why was she grinning at me? I looked away quickly and examined the room. Potential escape routes, potential enemies, potential allies... My brain was chewing on the rough estimates for jump lengths, turn angles, and strength required to break things when it was placed in front of me on the table. I stared at it for a second, taking in the smell. 

"Amazing, isn't it?" Blue said through a mouthful of her burger.
I nodded and picked mine up. I will tell you, amazing was a complete lie. No word can describe just how freaking awesome that burger was.


So I was running around town with a random girl called Blue. I knew it wouldn't be safe here much longer but I didn't want to leave her. I let her show me around probably longer than I should have but then I heard them. The dogs.

"No Swearing! I gotta get out of here now!" I jumped a little and looked around, starting to panic again. I could outrun the dogs, but sooner or later there would be helicopters. I did not want to be there when they came around. 
"Wait!" Blue grabbed my arm and made me look at her.
"I'm coming with you." now I had heard some crazy No Swearing! in my lifetime, but this pretty much topped it all. We barely knew each other and she didn't even know why I was running and still she said she was coming. I just stared at her for a second before nodding.
"I can get my mums car, let's go." she yanked me through crowds of people, through a park, and around many corners before she found it. Apparently this was her home because she just went inside, leaving me on the doorstep. I was examining it when she grabbed me and shoved me in a small little thing.
"What is this?" I struggled a little to get my legs to cooperate as she pulled a strap across me and clicked it next to me.
"It's called a car. You are really weird." she turned the key in the ignition and shifted some things then we were off. 
"wayfastwayfastwayfast too fast! Turn left! Left! My left! Wait... Yeah you were right." I continued yelling from my seat until we were past traffic and out of town. 

"More desert terrain. 92 degrees Fahrenheit." I stuck my tongue out, not liking the thought of high temperatures. Emma punched a button and turned a couple knobs. Suddenly a burst of cool air came through the vents on the dash and this noise... Music... Beethoven. Beethoven was always played to me as a child when I was getting ready for my injections. It had a calming effect on me then, but once I reached about 11 years old it just made it worse. Luckily Blue changed it quickly to something I had never heard before. 
"Katy Perry. You like?" I listened for a moment then nodded. Blue smiled at me and turned up the volume. So here we were, two teens just rolling through the desert with Katy Perry blasting and many angry scientists probably tracking me. Perfectly normal.

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PostSubject: Re: Nameless :)   Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:32 am

That is AWESOME! So funny. I love it! Smile I've tried writing stories, but RPGs are about as much as I can handle, I always get bored part way through XD
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PostSubject: Re: Nameless :)   Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:03 am

This is awesome! Very Happy Very Happy Write more soon! It has a great plot too!
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PostSubject: Re: Nameless :)   Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:38 am

Thank you guys!! I try to write every night since I've started it so I will put up whatever I have next time I have long enough Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Nameless :)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:20 am

It's really interesting! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Nameless :)   

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Nameless :)
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