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 The Jasmin Show!

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The Jasmin Show! Empty
PostSubject: The Jasmin Show!   The Jasmin Show! EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 6:15 pm

Yes, it maybe long....but I hope u think it's funny. It's supossed to be 1 of those 30 mins TV shows, so it may 30 mins to read if ur a slow reader. (srry if u don't read it)
Episode 1

Jasmin: Hello and welcome to the Jasmin Show! I know some of you don’t like my name, so I went on a name generator on the internet. it’s on maxyrain.com, click on pets, then type in your favorite color and your eye color and it generate.
Jasmin: And my name is..........Shoebox!
Jasmin: Shoebox!? Shoebox?
Jasmin: Who’s name is Shoebox!?
Tawni: Um, Jasmin, Shoebox42w says, “My name is Shoebox! There’s 3 Shoebox’s in my class!”
Jasmin: Tawni! What are you doing?
Tawni: Um, I’m on your show
Jasmin: I know you are!
Stewart: *pokes head into room* Um, Jasmin, Cookie has FrostyBear
Jasmin: Well get it off of him Stewart!
Tawni: Hey Shoebox, Watergirl459 says, “Get on with the show already!”
Jasmin: I’m not Shoebox!
Tawni: Aww, my name’s Barry
Jasmin: That’s what you get...Barry!
Jasmin: It’s time to video chat, *sees Stewart on video chat* Stewart!
Stewart: *on video chat* My name is Service, why would someone name their kid Service?
Jasmin: Get off Luka’s laptop Stewart!
Stewart: *shows FrostyBear* But I got FrostyBear for you!
Jasmin: Off Stewart!
Tawni: Hello Icewater123, your talking to the number 2 web show in Jasmin’s house!
Jasmin: *to herself* stupid farting monkeys
Icewater123: Hey guys! My name’s Lola and it gave me the name Quince, isn’t that a boy’s name?
Jasmin: I don’t know
Tawni: Hello Kk22aa33 and your on with the Jasmin Show!
Kk22aa33: um, hi, it gave me the name Foxy. What kind of name is that!?
Jasmin: Don’t ask me, ask my brother, Maxy, he’s the creator of maxyrain.cm
Kk22aa33: um, Maxy’s in my class and see ya webisode people!
Jasmin: Don’t forget to make a pet dragon at Vetpetjkl.com!
Kk22aa33: as a wise man as said, many, many times. Ah.....nao
Jasmin: That’s not wise! That’s from My Wife and Kids!
Tawni: Shoebox, he’s gone
Jasmin: I’m not Shoebox!
Jasmin: Hey madisonbeeloved, your on Jasmin’s Show! What up Maddye!
Madisonbeeloved: Jazzy, Crimson asked me out!
Jasmin: He what!?
Madisonbeeloved: Yup! Can I come over?
Jasmin: Of course! Let’s go to a word from my brother Maxy. Maxy! Get up here now!! Oh, and don’t tell Maddye about how much you put her in your diary.
Maxy: It’s not a diary! Mom says it’s a man book!
Jasmin: *sarcasticly* Sure it is Max, sure it is
*door bell* Jasmin: I got it!
Maxy: Is that Maddye?
Tawni: Time for today’s Cupcake race! *puts real cupcake on table next to her hamster, Cupcake* Go Cakie go!
Maxy: *near stairs outside of the room* Just testing the mic, hey Maddye! *falls down stairs* Ow
Tawni: *rolls eyes* Brothers, what would we do without them?
Tawni: Well, Cupcake ate the cupcake. Who knew hamsters ate cupcakes?
Jasmin: *runs into room and closes the door fast* Max! Don’t smell Maddye’s hair again! You got detention for that last time!
Maxy: I didn’t know smelling someone’s hair is a call of affection!
Jasmin: Oh just shut it Max!
Tawni: Where’s Stewart?
Jasmin: I hope he’s not in the kitchen with Lucy again
Maddye: *runs into Jasmin’s room and locks door* Ha! Crazy!
Jasmin: He’s a brother, they’re all crazy
Tawni: Is the show over yet?
Jasmin: No, but we have one more thing to do today!
Tawni: It’s today’s......
Maddye: Fritoner Giveaway!
Jasmin: *closes eyes and picks number from the hat* Today’s number 20316579122!
Tawni: *closes eyes and picks prize from hat* You get.....a free toy car!
Jasmin: We’re getting a new video chat, it’s from the winner!
TTYL1_2_3: Yay! I won! I’ve always wanted a toy car!
Jasmin: You did?
TTYL1_2_3: Not really, but at least I won!
Tawni: Good for you! It will be mailed to you soon from the TJS ourselves!
Tawni: Good bye, I’m Tawni
Jasmin: *dully* And I’m Shoebox
Together: And this was The Jasmin Show!
*after the show* Jasmin: I’m gonna get you Maxy! *runs down stairs and into living room*
Stewart: Hey Shoebox! How’s it goin’ Shoebox?
Jasmin: Shut it Stewart, I have a little mistake with Maxy right now
Stewart: *laughing* I know, I saw it on Luka’s laptop
Jasmin: I told you to get off of her laptop
Stewart: Yeah, yeah
Maxy: *behind TV* Ha-ha! Bet you can’t catch me Jazzy!
Jasmin: *chasing after Maxy and talking to Stewart* Don’t look up anything bad!
Maxy: *not meaning it* Yeah, will do!
*up in Jasmin’s room* Tawni: Wanna pet Cupcake?
Maddye: Sure, but does she bite?
Tawni: No, I don’t think so, she’s only bit Stewart, because I trained her to
Stewart: *yelling up to them* I heard that!
Tawni: You didn’t hear anything!
Stewart: *blocking her out* I’m gonna tell mom!
Tawni: Don’t you little twirt! *runs downstairs and starts chasing Stewart* Oh, your not gonna tell mom!
Stewart: Are too!
Maddye: *walks downstairs and sees them chasing each other* Where’s Lucy?
*They all stop and stare at her* Jasmin: Lucy!
Stewart: I left her in my room with my lizard
Maxy: Oh that’s good, they’ll get to know each other
Tawni: *slaps Maxy* Why would you leave a 4 year old with your pet lizard!?
Stewart: *shrugs and runs upstairs into his room*
Jasmin: *runs up after Stewart into his room* Ah, it’s okay, she’s just sleeping on his bed.
Tawni: Thank goodness, *slaps Maxy again* Why would you think of that!? What are you? Stupid!? *puts hand in front of Maxy’s face before he answers* Don’t answer that
Jasmin: *carries Lucy down to the living room couch* Now don’t wake her up, now, I’m gonna go chase Maxy upstairs. While Tawni and Stewart will talk to you
Maddye: *nods* Ok, but can I go home now, I think it’s about time I had linner
Jasmin: Linner?
Maddye: Yeah, it’s lunch and dinner, *fakes cell phone call* I think that’s my mom, bye!
Jasmin: Bye Maddye! See you tomorrow!
Maxy: Wait! Maddye! Don’t leave!
Maddye: Bye Maxy! *leaves*
Tawni: *slaps Maxy again* NOW look what you did!
Maxy: Tawni! Stop slapping me!
Tawni: No, maybe I need to slap you again! With the way you’ve been acting!
Jasmin: Mom’s home! Everybody! Act normal!
*Stewart runs to his backpack and grab his homework out and sits at the dining room table, Jasmin runs to other couch and sits next to Maxy and grabs the remote and turns on the TV. Tawni ran over next to Stewart and started to “help” him with his homework*
Terri: Aww, hi guys! Is your father home yet?
Jasmin: *stands up from couch* Hi mom!
Stewart: *up from his homework* No, dad’s not home yet
Terri: Oh, what are you making for dinner.
Maxy: *stands up from couch* We ordered dad’s pizza!
Terri: Okay, so he’ll be home soon with our pizza. I’ll be upstairs in the shower if anybody needs me.
Tawni: Okay mom
Terri: *walks upstairs*
Jasmin: Maxy! You’re gonna get it! *started chasing after Maxy again*
Tawni: Stewart, I want you to do your homework, so I’ll just slap ya
Stewart: Don’t use that hand! I don’t want Maxy’s blood on my shoulder!
Tawni: *nods* Right, right *slaps Stewart* That’s what you get for it, Service!
Stewart: Barry!
Tawni: Do your homework!
Stewart: I will!
Tawni: *walks and sits on couch Maxy and Jasmin were on*
Terri: *walks downstairs again* Oh, and I forgot, when Luka comes home, tell her that I found her college brochure she left on her bed
Jasmin: *stops chasing Maxy* Sure mom, I know she’ll be home soon
Terri: *walks upstairs again*
Jasmin: *continues to chase Maxy* Stupid older brothers!
Cookie: *sleeps*
Tawni: Jasmin, Luka’s home!
Jasmin: *shrugs* So?
Tawni: Oldest alert!
Jasmin: Right, right. Act normal!
*They all go back to what they were “doing”*
Luka: Hey guys! How’s it goin’?
Jasmin: Hey Luka!
Tawni: Hiya Luka!
Jasmin: Did you see The Jasmin Show today?
Luka: *looking at Stewart* No, because someone with the names Stew and Wart took my laptop this morning
Stewart: Huh? What? I swear I didn’t do it!
Luka: Oh, I know you took it
Stewart: *starting to slip off the chair* Nooo
Luka: Oh, now I’m gonna tell mom!
Stewart: No you can’t! Because mom’s in the shower! Ha!
Luka: Then I’ll tell dad when he comes home! *starts chasing Stewart*
Tawni: See, EVERYBODY wants to chase Stewart today
Jasmin: Not me!
Tawni: Oh you will soon
Jasmin: Why?
Dane: I’m home! Whoa! Kids! Stop!
Luka: Oh man
*at dinner*
Terri: What happened at your Web Show today Jasmin?
Jasmin: Oh, Maddye came over, Maxy fell down the stairs, and Lucy fell asleep in Stewart’s room with his lizard
Terri: His LIZARD?
Tawni: Oh it’s okay, she was just sleeping on his bed
Terri: Thank goodness
Dane: Why were you chasing each other?
Luka: Stewart had my laptop!
Stewart: Did not!
Luka: Did too!
Dane: Guys! You’re acting like kids!
Luka: He is a kid!
Dane: But YOUR not Luka, act your age!
Lucy: Hi Momma
Terri: Hi Lucy honey, how was preschool today?
Lucy: It was good, Cookie took FrostyBear
Jasmin: Oh yeah, and Stewart showed all of my viewers on my web show FrostyBear!
Stewart: It’s not like anybody was watching your web show anyway Shoebox
Dane: Shoebox?
Jasmin: On maxyrain.com on the name generator it gave me the name Shoebox
Dane: Who would name their kid Shoebox?
Jasmin: Exactly!
Maxy: It’s in the pet section!
Stewart: But it gave me the name Service!
Maxy: Again, it’s for a DOG’S name!
Tawni: So now your smart!?
Dane: Why don’t you all eat your pizza and stop talking!
Terri: Yeah, or no TV for a week! For all of you!
Tawni: But mom!
Dane: Sush!
*the next day at school*
Maddye: What happened to Maxy? Why wasn’t he at school today?
Jasmin: *shrugs* Don’t know *puts hand behind hair* something about a head bleeding or something...not much
Maddye: Not much! How many times did she hit him!?
Jasmin: I don’t know......6?
Maddye: 6! How hard!?
Jasmin: *shrugs* bleeding hard? *turns Maddye toward a poster on the wall of the school* Oh look a kitten!
Maddye: Jasmin, that’s a duck
Jasmin: *randomly* Avlache!
Maddye: What?
Jasmin: *points to a teacher coming* hey look! Miss Makanager!
Miss Makananger: Hello Jasmin, Maddye, where’s Maxy today? Any of you know why?
Maddye: Tawni hit him so much that his hea-
Jasmin: *blocks Maddye’s mouth* He got sick
Miss Makananger: Oh, stomach virus?
Jasmin: *nods* Yeah, a real bad one, probably won’t be back until tomorrow
Miss Makananger: *nods and leaves*
Jasmin: *lets go of Maddye’s mouth*
Maddye: *breathing hard* Why couldn’t I tell her?
Jasmin: Do you want people to know our family as freaks?
Maddye: Oh that’s long gone
Jasmin: *bell rings* Looks like we have to go! *runs off toward class*
Maddye: Jasmin! I’m not done talking to you!
Jasmin: *walking backward* Well you are now! Goo’bye!
Maddye: Jasmin!
*back at Jasmin’s house*
Jasmin: *at table doing homework with Luka and Maxy on couch watching TV* Luka, what’s 24 times 56 divided by 6 three times removed?
Luka: 34
Jasmin: Thanks *writes down answer*
Luka: Hey! You’re using that for homework!
Maxy: *laying on couch with an ice pack behind his head* Ha! Even I knew that
Luka: Well of course you’d know that because you do it all the time
Maxy: How’d you know!?
Luka: I see your papers Maxy, they’re the answers that I gave you
Maxy: Dang it mom and dad!
Tawni: *runs downstairs with phone in hand* AHHHHHHH!
Luka: *gets up* What happened? Jordan Sparks fell down a well?
Tawni: No *runs past Luka to Jasmin* Crimson deleted me on Dazzler Page!
Jasmin: AHHHHH!
Stewart: *comes from downstairs carrying his lizard* Stop screaming, I was trying to brush Quilley’s mane
Luka: Mane? What mane!? He’s a lizard!
Stewart: *puts hand in front of lizard* Wearing a lion costume!
Luka: Aaagh shut up this family is so weird!
Maxy: And you think we haven’t noticed that yet?
Luka: Uggh I’m leaving! *grabs coat in front door*
Stewart: Where are you going?
Luka: To dad’s pizza shop!
Stewart: Why!?
Luka: To talk to George!
Maxy: Grab me some pizza while you’re there!
Luka: Uaaagh *leaves*
Tawni: I don’t understand why she talks to the shop’s masgot
Jasmin: I know, it’s just an old guy wearing a chef costume.
Tawni: And he doesn’t even listen to you! So stupid!
Jasmin: Then blame dad
Stewart: What about dad? *runs down stairs with lizard in hands*
Tawni: Uh, put Quilley down
Stewart: No, he’s *talks to lizard like a cute kitten* my adorable little cutie-kins
Tawni: *to Jasmin* And you wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend
Jasmin: *laughs*
Stewart: *looks up from lizard* What you talking about?
Jasmin: *grabs homework in hands* Homework! See, math!
Stewart: Ew, math *runs upstairs and yells* I’ll be in my room brushing Quilley’s mane!
Tawni: You do that!
Jasmin: *grabs Tawni’s phone* Now back to serious business, now WHY IN THE WORLD DID HE DELETE YOU!?
Tawni: I don’t know! Maybe he made a stupid mistake?
Jasmin: Let’s hope
Maxy: *from couch* Hello! Hurt person over here!
Tawni: Oh shut up, nobody cares about you anyway
Maxy: And says the person who did *points to ice pack* this to me!
Tawni: It was just a few slaps get over it!
Maxy: A few!? You did it six times!
Tawni: It was just 6! It’s not like it was 20!
Maxy: Not yet!
Tawni: Uggh *runs up stairs*
Jasmin: Where are you going!?
Tawni: To my room!
Jasmin: To do what!?
Tawni: To text Crimson about this mistake!
Jasmin: Ok!
Maxy: So...it Maddye coming over today?
Jasmin: I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?
Maxy: How?
Jasmin: *pretends to text on her phone* Texting
Maxy: oooohhh ok
Jasmin: *to herself* idiot *goes back to homework*
Maxy: *tries to reach phone* so.....far.....apart
Jasmin: Oh it’s five feet away, go get it!
Maxy: Soooooo.....faaarrr
Jasmin: Ugh *grabs phone and gives it to Maxy*
Maxy: Thank you sweet sister!
Jasmin: You’re welcome kind brother! *goes back to homework*
Luka: *storms back into house* I told you already ten times Fred! I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND WILL NEVER BE!
Fred: But your so pretty!
Luka: Auuggh *closes door*
Tawni: *from upstairs* Who was that!?
Luka: ME!
Jasmin: back so soon?
Luka: George was off, so I decided to come back home, but Fred decided to be right where I was
Jasmin: Oooh I hate that kid, why does he follow you around every day?
Luka: I don’t know! *sits beside Jasmin* I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?
Jasmin: Spaghetti?
Luka: Ok
Tawni: *runs downstairs and hugs Luka* I’ve missed you!
Luka: *awkward* I’ve been gone for ten minutes
Tawni: So looong!
Luka: Get off of me Tawni, mom was in the car behind me so she might be here now
Tawni: Mom!
Terri: *comes in* Hi Tawni! Luka! Maxy! Jasmin!
Maxy: Hi mom!
Tawni: Hi mom!
Luka: Hey mom!
Jasmin: Hey hey mommay
Terri: What you doing?
Jasmin: Homework
Terri: Oh okay
Stewart: *runs downstairs* Hi mom!
Terri: I don’t understand how Maxy’s head got so bad, I hope he feels better tomorrow
Maxy: Me too
Terri: *kisses Maxy on head* Hope you do to my little baby *looks around* speaking of my baby, where’s Lucy?
Lucy* runs downstairs carrying teddybear* Hi mommy! *jumps in Terri’s arms*
Terri: *kisses Lucy* Where were you?
Lucy: Watching Stewart brush his lizard’s mane
Terri: That’s........nice
Lucy: Did you know he talks to his lizard?
Terri: *nods* I knew that a long time ago sweety *puts Lucy down* Now go play with Cookie!
Lucy: *nods and runs off*
Terri: *sits down* I hope she’s okay waking up the dog
Jasmin: Me too
Maxy: Moooom the remote is so far away!
Terri: Auuugh Maxy!
Maxy: Mooooooom
Terri: Aaaauuuggghh
Luka: *hears Stewart typing* STEWART! are you on my laptop again!?
Stewart: *upstairs* Noooooooo!
Luka: Stewart! *runs upstairs*
Terri: *shakes head* Not again....
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The Jasmin Show!
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