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 The Fight for Freedom

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PostSubject: The Fight for Freedom   Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:20 am

this is a story I made, still working on it

The Darkness Angel flew through the air, their wings flying through the clear black night. It flew past black dead trees and over to the Darkness Castle, it feeling the night light on its back, it flew into the Dark Princess’s bedroom. It flew to the floor, the Darkness Angel crawled to the Princess’s dresser and started yelling, “Wake up Princess Zander! I have news for you!”
The Princess woke up, startled, when her eyes adjusted, she saw Ramou, the messenger Darkness Angel. “What Ramou? Why did you wake me up at the middle of the night?” She asked.
“Because, I have something to tell you Princess,” he said.
“What is it?” she asked.
“It’s your sister, she has returned from the Volcano of Ash,” he said.
“Is she safe?” Zander got out of her bed, her black nightgown looking beautiful on her, she turned on a light.
Ramou nodded, “Yes, she is coming soon, she told me to tell you that she’s coming.”
“Good, thank you Ramou, you may go now.” She said and got back in her bed.
“Good bye Princess Zander!” the Darkness Angel called as he started to fly out.
“Good bye Ramou!” she called and turned the light off.
Ramou flew back threw the trees, when he was aiming to fly at a tree, he flew too close and the tree branch got into his wing. He struggled and struggled, using all of his energy, by dawn, he got his wing out. He tried to fly, but failed. He tried yet again, but he had failed. On the third try, he had gotten high, but he failed, when he was falling down the third time, he started panicking,he wasn’t in the Black Tree Forest, he wasn’t in the Mountain Range, not Even near the Beardim Kingdom, he was in the Grasslands. As he fell, he felt the air going into him, and the rush of the fall. But when he fell, he didn’t feel any of that anymore, he felt......lost.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fight for Freedom   Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:26 am

wow! this is really good!
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PostSubject: Re: The Fight for Freedom   Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:29 am

Thanks, I'll post chapter 1, btw, it's really long

Chapter 1
The Darkness Angel
Princess Isabella climbed a small tree, Lily, her de-clawed Swigtalon trying behind her. “C’mon Lily, you can do it.” She encouraged her pet, “”You can do it Lily.” Lily hopped up one more branch and made it to Isabella, “You owe me a carrot when we get back home,” she said, puffing out her chest. “Fine,” Isabella breathed, then looked at her watch, “Lily! It’s noon! We have to get to Paul’s Store for the one minute sale!” Isabella started climbing down the tree, she grabbed Lily and jumped down. “Hurry Isabella!” Lily called as Princess Isabella carried her.
“Hello Princess Isabella,” “Hello Miss Isabella,” “Hey Izzy!” Was what the villagers said as she ran by, she ran into Paul’s Store, “You’ve made it today Princess!” Paul, the owner of the store greeted her.
Isabella looked around the small store, she only had 5 gold coins, at first she was locked on a big lollipop, but then she saw a poor Darkness Angel stuck in a cage. She grabbed the cage and put it on the paying table, “I’ll have this Darkness Angel please,” she said and gave Paul four of her gold coins.
Paul opened the cage and the Darkness Angel flew out of the store, another customer chuckled, “You better go catch it.”
She ran after the Darkness Angel, Lily hopping slowly after her. She ran after it, but then it started to fall. She gasped, the wing! The wing was broken! She ran after the Darkness Angel, when she had found it, it was laying on the ground. She picked it up and put it on her arm, it winced when she pet it’s head. It wasn’t used to human touch, Lily turned over to the Darkness Angel, “I’m Lily, this is Princess Isabella.”
The Darkness Angel bowed, “I am Ramou, I am a Darkness Angel messenger of the Three Volcanos of Tridi. I have fallen and landed in here, I was hoping you would bring me home.”
She nodded, “I am the Sun Princess of the Eastern Grassland.”
Isabella started walking to her father’s castle, her father, The Sun King of the Eastern Grassland, lived in a huge castle. She walked forward, past some houses and the General Store. When she had made it to the castle, she stood in front of the gates and pressed the button to talk, “It’s Isabella, Rocco.”
And the gates opened, and she walked in, past the garden in their front yard to the entrance. She opened the door and walked in, her brother, Chance, was there sorting out his books.
“Why who do you have there Iz?” Chance said as he got up from his chair. Iz was his nickname for her, he didn’t like her name so he started calling her Iz.
“It’s a Darkness Angel, he’s a messenger of the Three Volcanos of Tridi.” She explained.
“Are you sure?” Chance asked, starting to look for his Darkness Animals book.
She nodded, “Yes I’m sure. He surely does act like it, if he wasn’t he would be gone off my arm right now.”
“No he wouldn’t, it’s because he has a broken wing.” Chance replied, picking up his Darkness Animals book.
“Then he wouldn’t say what he said okay?” Isabella responded and walked away.
She walked through the Ballroom and ran up the stairs and down the hall to her room.
Isabella walked in her room and put Lily and Ramou on her bed.
“Ramou, meet Lily, she’s a de-clawed Swigtalon, she was born here in the Eastern Grassland. I hope you’ll like it here Ramou.” Isabella told the black monkey.
Lily was about to say something when she heard Chance yell, “Iz! Dawn wants you!”
Dawn was Isabella’s older sister, “Okay! I’m coming!” She said and ran down the stairs to Chance.
“Where’s Dawn?” She asked her 13 year old brother.
“In the garden,” he said and went back to his books.
Isabella nodded and ran to the back door, she exited and walked to the garden.
“Dawn! What do you need me for?” she asked.
“I’m over here Iz!” she heard her sister’s yell and ran toward the sound.
She looked in the bushes, “Why do you want me Dawn?”
“A Vink Tumuik must have ate our Western Quilk flowers.” Dawn said.
“ Again!?” she asked and ran to her sister.
“Yeah,” Dawn replied.
“Oh man, I’ll go get some more seeds,” Isabella said, turning around.
Dawn stopped her, “Actually, that’s not why I need you.”
Isabella turned back, “Then why do you need me?”
Dawn whispered in her ear, “Do you know?”
Isabella backed a little away from her older sister, “Know about what?”
“That The Dark Princess has returned!” Dawn said.
Isabella gasped, “She has?”
Dawn nodded, “Yes, Princess Crystal has returned! I heard she brought the Dark Magic from the Volcano of Ash with her.”
“What!? But that’s, impossible!” Isabella yelled.
“And that messenger, he told her younger sister, Princess Zander.” Dawn said.
Isabella shook her head, “No, h-he couldn’t, h-he can’t be on the Dark Side.”
Dawn nodded, “He may be, I think we should get rid of him.”
“No! Ramou is my friend! He’s staying until his wing is fixed!” Isabella exclaimed.
“I don’t think so Iz, he may be evil.” Dawn said, touching her sister’s shoulder.
Isabella turned away, “But what if he isn’t!?” She wanted to cry, but her sister might be right.
“It’s best we don’t find out,” her sister said.
“Fine, but mom and dad wouldn’t agree with that!” Isabella yelled.
“Iz, please don’t yell, he can stay, but ask them when they come home from the Mountain Range.” Dawn told Isabella, quietly.
“Okay, thank you Dawn, he’ll stay in my room until they come back,” she bowed her head and ran back through the garden.
She opened the screen door and came back in the air-conditioned house.
Chance looked up from his book, “What did Dawn want?”
Isabella looked at her brother, “She just told me some news.”
“Do I need to know it?” Chance said, taking out his wand.
Isabella shook her head, “No, no, I’ll be in my room if you need me, and tell me when mom and dad come home!”
Chance went down to his book, “Okay!”
Isabella ran upstairs to her room, “Lily! Ramou, did you know Crystal returned?”
Ramou nodded, “I told Zander that she returned.”
She flashed a look at him, “I knew it! Now I don’t know if I can trust you!”
“Yes, yes you can! I’m nice! Trust me!” Ramou exclaimed.
She glared at him, “How do I know?”
The Darkness Angel looked at the princess, “Your right, so how do I earn your trust?”
Lily whispered to Ramou, “Follow her everywhere and do what she tells you.”
“What!?” Ramou said.
Lily nodded, “You have to do it Ramou, or, she’ll never trust you.”
“Fine,” he nodded and looked at Princess Isabella. “Do you need anything Princess?”
Isabella looked out the window and looked back at Ramou worriedly, “Get Chance, tell him I need him, and tell him Dawn’s hurt.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Fight for Freedom   

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The Fight for Freedom
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